Redmond, WA 98052

Angelina Kidd, MFA

Pacific Northwest Artist specializing in the handmade: Historical Photographic Process, Constructed Imagery, and Paper Art (books, envelopes, boxes).


The use of alternative and historical processes - wet plate collodion, encaustic, palladium, pinhole/polaroid and gelatin silver prints, among others - is central to my photography. Not only do these processes tend to produce an antique, timeless effect; they also reflect, through their use and disuse, the passage of time within the art of photography itself.


Each piece of constructed imagery is handcrafted using a variety of raw materials, including tissue and construction paper, drawings, sketches, photographs, and plants. The three-dimensional, densely layered piece is then photographed using an original device that preserves the mise-en-scène. The end effect is one of shadow theater, blending mythology, fantasy, and realism.

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