darkness closing in

These images immediately precede “Depart” in my mind, but not strictly because of the emotions commonly associated with death and dying. I believe that the hard times in life, when darkness most seems to be closing in, are the times when one must exert the most effort in order to move forward. Thus, these photographs impart a palpable feeling of motion and push the viewer to consider the ubiquity of change in life. As in “Ancestral ‘Aina,” the analogy between the natural world and lived human experience is a central theme. The palladium process emphasizes not just the looming darkness, but also draws the viewer’s eye to the distant light in the images, suggesting the persistence of hope in difficult times.

Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach, OR

Palladium Print


Anacortes, WA

Palladium Print


Kahalu'u, HI

Palladium Print

Darkness Closing In


Palladium Print

Birds Awaiting Storm

Oregon Coast

Palladium Print

Smoke & Ash

Volcano, HI

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