constructed imagery collage

What Is Constructed Imagery?

Constructed imagery is the photographing of deliberately created, rather than found, scenes. Each piece of my constructed imagery is handcrafted using a variety of raw materials, including tissue and construction paper, drawings, photographs, plants, and other natural and artificial materials. The resulting three-dimensional, densely layered piece is then photographed using an original technique that preserves the mise en scène. The end effect is an image of shadow theater, blending mythology, fantasy and reality.

New Work

Cattails for three

Limited Edition: February 2022

Fire Lookout

Limited Edition: February 2022


Dream Weaver

Limited Edition: 8x12 Print matted to 16x20 (150), 16x24 metal print (250), 24x36 metal print (200) 


“Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright was one of the songs of my childhood. However, it only took on special significance for me last year, when I started listening to it while studying the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali. Something drew me to the song’s intensely spiritual lyrics after more than four decades, and the same thing inspired me to create this piece.


Wanting to know what this mysterious force was, I decided to research the song’s background. Once I did, everything fell into place. According to Wright, the song’s eponymous Dream Weaver is God. Many traditions ascribe creativity to a divine spark that inspires human beings to create art, and I personally believe that there is a force in the universe greater than ourselves that bestows upon us our artistic gifts. Upon completing this piece, I gained new appreciation for my artistic abilities and the power it gives me to express myself.  July 2021

There is Wonder In The World

Limited Edition: 16x20 matted print (100), 16x24 metal print (200), 24x36 metal print (200)


My first constructed imagery piece since Trying to Stay Afloat was inspired by Satoshi Yabuuchi’s “Shinji-ko Rabbits,” a sculpture in Matsue, Japan. There are myths of the rabbit in the moon across various cultures, with connotations including longevity, generosity, and sacrifice. On a recent flight home, I was able to clearly make out the rabbit on the surface of the moon, which spurred me to create this work. It expresses the hope, wonder, and new beginnings. April 2021

Trying to stay afloat

Limited Edition: 16x20 matted print (100), 16x24 metal print (200), 24x36 metal print (200)


Is the crow struggling to hold up a burden, or perhaps clinging to a piece of wreckage in the middle of a vast ocean? We assume she could fly away, yet we don't know how close she is to shore or how she ended up in the predicament she's in.

I feel a kinship with this crow. I have always struggled with depression and used fitness and healthy living to keep my head above water. Some days I feel like I can take flight; other days, I feel weighed down, alone, and adrift. I've often felt like the best I can do is just stay afloat. August 2020

Black Clowder

8x12 Print matted to 16x20


In honor of black cats. Giving back 25% of net profits to causes that support black cat rescue, care and adoption.  August 2021

Waiting for you

Limited Edition (200) Signed, Numbered and Matted 11x14


A torii is a Japanese gate that symbolizes the transition from the human world to the divine. After loving me for twenty years, my kitty Jambi now resides among the sacred.

This piece was difficult. I disassembled and reassembled it countless times; I poured hour after hour into it in hopes of honoring Jambi's legacy. In the end, I felt that while nothing I made could equal everything he gave me, this composition comes close. July 2020

Deep Blue Sea


Crafted entirely from paper, Deep Blue Sea was inspired by my childhood memories of swimming in the Pacific Ocean off Hawai'i. A meditation on the mysteries of solitude, this piece evokes both the fear and the exhilaration of drifting far from shore.

The Beginning


This is the first piece of constructed imagery that I created. At the beginning of grad school, I was going through a difficult period in life (missing family, home, and all that was familiar). I wanted to be carried away. Sunlight shined through my Boston apt and I created this piece. I learned in our darkest moments, there is always light. (2011)


Award Winning

Constructed Imagery Portfolio

Sasquatch Series

My Sasquatch work explores the relationship between modern society and the vanishing wilderness over which it is overlaid. A particular inspiration of mine is the sharp contrast between the high-tech culture of the Pacific Northwest and the natural majesty that forms the backdrop to its inhabitants' daily lives. As our population swells and the forest retreats, I hope we do not lose sight of the mysteries that lie within it.