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Framed, Metal or Acrylic pieces cannot be shipped and is available for pick up.  A light heist is located on Education Hill in Redmond, WA. Email angelinakidd@mac.com to purchase. Pick up is by appointment only on Wednesday and Saturday during business hours.

Upcoming 2020 Art Shows


Tulip Festival Street Fair 

Mt. Vernon WA

June 26 - 28, 2020


24th Sequim Lavender Festival

Carrie Blake Park

July 17 – 19, 2020


Past festivals include Best of the Northwest, Bellevue Festival of the Arts, Redmond Arts Festival, Anacortes Arts Festival, Kirkland Summerfest, Pasco Arts & Crafts Show, Mt. Vernon Tulip Festival, and Westport Arts Festival.


Handmade Books

I studied bookbinding at Lesley University School of Art & Design and the American Academy of Bookbinding. I have written three books featuring my constructed imagery, accompanied by original stories: Crowing about Beauty, Longevity of Life According to Rabbit, and Luna Bird.


In Crowing about Beauty, Crow is disappointed with his feathers, which are dull grey instead of jet black. He decides to take a quick flight as a distraction, but carelessly perches on some power lines and is killed. He is miraculously reborn as a beautiful peacock, but before he has the chance to show off his plumage to his friends, a zookeeper captures him and brings him to the zoo. Here, Crow gets his wish to display his beauty, albeit at the cost of his freedom.


In Longevity of Life According to Rabbit, Rabbit shares his secret to a long life with Cat, but Cat is skeptical. Cat’s advice is to live life to the fullest: do the things that make you happy; eat the things that bring you pleasure. There are no guarantees for a long life, so you might as well enjoy the things that make you purr.


In Luna Bird, the title character wants to know how far the consequences of our actions ripple. Does karma span several lifetimes? Luna Bird will find out with the help of Justice Elephante.